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Moisturizing Care Spa Gel Gloves

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Our Lindo moisturizing gel gloves are perfect for renewing dry, and cracked skin. Help fight parched skin with natural ingredients such as Jojoba oil, Vitamin E and your choice of Rose or Peppermint oil! The soft gel interior cushions the hands while the outer fabric lining allows for the user to go about their day without smearing lotion on unwanted surfaces. Protect your skin from over washing.

Key Information

  • Natural Essential oils add a nice light soothing fragrance
  • Gel Inner Lining infused with Vitamin E and Essential Oils
  • Penetrate rough dry skin and lock in precious moisture
  • Moisture barrier function of the skin is protected and supported
  • Can be used in combination with body lotion or hand cream to increase effectiveness
  • Recommended wear is 3 times a week, or more for severe dryness
  • Can be used with your preferred natural skin friendly oil as an alternative to lotion.
  • Touch Screen Compatible grey tips making it smart phone friendly
  • Excellent moisturizing alternative
  • Universal size

Care Guide

  • Gently Hand Wash in cold water and line dry in shade
  • Do not wear if you have open wounds or skin abrasions
  • Not for children
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